A wide variety of hotel accommodation is available in the vicinity of the conference venue. In the walking distance there are 5 hotels ranked with 3-4 stars (Diament****, Silvia***, Malinowski Business***, Royal***), and 6 additional hotels of 1-3 stars are in the distance up to 2 km. The total number of places in hotels is about 470 rooms (single and double). An additional accommodation in Gliwice is possible in more than 20 budget apartments (unrated) and student's dormitories. Most of accommodation places is high-ranked in travel rankings (e.g. or Tripadvisor). An extra accommodation in 4-2 stars hotels is possible in neighbour town Zabrze (with short, up to 15 minutes, bus travel).

Mean prices for single/double room are in the range from 500 PLN/120 € (****) to 200 PLN/50 € (***). Prices for double rooms in budget hotels are from 250 PLN/60 € to 120 PLN/30 € per room.